A Message From Our CEO

COVID-19 and Monogram's Kidney Care Management Program

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and brought unexpected challenges to our healthcare system. Monogram Health's guiding principles are to (1) put our members' and employees' health and well-being first and (2) do everything in our power to be helpful to our clients and healthcare provider partners during this anxious time.

To minimize the risk of disease transmission, we have shifted to telephonic and virtual care management visits when appropriate. Where member preferences or needs call for our standard, in-person visits, our care managers visit the member's home, subject to safety precautions based on CDC guidelines. These include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), maintaining a safe physical distance, and conducting robust hygiene and cleanliness measures. We have also supplied hand sanitizer to our members and discussed with them the simple and smart precautions promulgated by the CDC. Where transportation to dialysis appointments presents an issue, our social workers coordinate with local transportation providers. All the while, Monogram Health recognizes that social distancing can lead to isolation, which takes an emotional toll. Our nurses, social workers, and care coordinators continue to be available 24/7 to discuss member needs, whether clinical, emotional, or socioeconomic.

For our health plan clients and nephrology practice partners, we are able to respond in real time wherever our analytic, care management, and technological services can be beneficial. We monitor local trends with regard to the pandemic and provide updates on how it is impacting member access to care. We help members arrange for both planned and urgent telehealth visits. Additionally, we are able to coordinate our telephonic and in-person visits in a manner that provides treating nephrologists, primary care physicians, and other providers pertinent patient information needed to deliver the best possible care.

We are proud to be at the forefront of helping improve kidney care in the safest possible way. Our program members, health plan clients, and provider partners deserve the best. We will go the extra mile to ensure they receive it.


Michael Uchrin

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Monogram Health