Partnering with leading Nephrologists to deliver transformative 
kidney care services

We are dedicated to improving the well being, quality of life and health outcomes for our patients by partnering with the nation's leading kidney specialists to provide transformative kidney care. Monogram Health supports patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease by forming deep rooted relationships and preparing them both emotionally and physically for the challenges of managing Kidney Disease.  Monogram Health uses next generation artificial intelligence algorithms to predict necessary and timely care to promote the delay of Kidney Disease progression, seamless transitions to dialysis, conservative therapy and/or pre-emptive kidney transplant, as well as to optimize our patients’ health outcomes once on dialysis.


“…..Monogram Health is derived from the monogram which is a sign of personal identity in the form of an individual’s or entity’s initial(s). We chose ‘monogram’ as it reflects the personalized focus of our service offerings, customizing each beneficiary’s plan of care to meet their individual goals and  objectives in relation to their health status and social determinants of health. Partnering with Health Plans and other Sponsors of Health Care, Monogram Health, through its Care Management and Coordination services portfolio is the collaboration catalyst with which individuals, their support systems, and providers achieve unparalleled health outcomes…..” 


“…..To deliver ‘transformative chronic condition health services’ in the home and/or community- based setting to those individuals with Chronic Kidney and End Stage Renal Disease, their family and/or support systems, providers, physicians and health care sponsor(s).  With industry leading predictive analytics, Monogram Health is uniquely positioned to forecast which individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease will require future dialysis services and optimize these impending transitions so that each patient is well informed, mentally and physically prepared, and that a proactive and robust plan of care is well documented and continually shared and updated with each clinical and support system stakeholder. This patient centered focus with a foundation rooted in Integrated Medical and Behavioral Health will not only improve the quality of life and health outcomes for the individuals and families that we serve, but drive more cost-effective, efficient delivery of health care services to those living with Chronic Kidney and End Stage Renal Disease”